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6 Tips for Choosing a Local Chiropractor

According to one report, around 22 million people visit a local chiropractor at least once a year. Of those patients, around 7.7 million are seeking relief from some type of back pain.

Common causes of back pain include sports injuries, accidents, and muscle sprains.

Discomfort can also be linked to musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders, which can cause a range of symptoms, from neck and back pain to headaches, arthritis, and sprains.

No matter why you need to visit a chiropractor, the most important first step is finding the right provider. Today, we’re sharing six tips to help you choose the right one for your needs.

1. Understand Your Needs

Before you begin your search for the best local chiropractor, it helps to understand why you’re looking for one in the first place. Are you seeking pain relief after an injury or accident? Or are you just looking to optimize your overall wellness and feel your best?

Chiropractors provide non-invasive, drug-free, and safe treatments that can help alleviate many types of discomfort. They typically do so by providing a service called a chiropractic adjustment. During this treatment, they’ll apply controlled force through a fixated or subluxated joint.

This movement can improve your range of motion in the affected area and may also help improve related symptoms. In addition to adjustments, chiropractors also perform a host of other services. Thinking about the type of treatments you need ahead of time helps you fine-tune your list of prospective providers.

2. Ask For a Referral

When choosing a chiropractor, one of the best places to start is with a healthcare professional you already know and trust, such as your primary care physician. Your doctor may have a list of chiropractors whose services they can recommend.

While this can help you narrow your options, remember that it’s still smart to research each provider’s credentials, experience, and expertise. If your physician does not have anyone to recommend, you can extend your search to include trusted friends and family members.

Once you have a short list of options, you can begin researching each office in greater detail.

3. Read Reviews

Today, you can read reviews on nearly every product and service you need. This includes chiropractic care.

In fact, reports have found that 84% of people now trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family members! While everyone’s experience is unique, it helps to know what others have been through and what you might expect when you visit.

Once you have a short list of potential chiropractors, take the time to check out their web presence. Most providers should have a basic website where you can find more information on the treatments they provide as well as their background. You may also be able to find reviews from past patients here, too.

In addition, you can also check third-party review sites, as well as the provider’s Google Business Profile (GBP). This is the information box that appears at the top of your results page when you search for their name online.

4. Check Experience and Credentials

As mentioned, it’s important to check the credentials of any chiropractor you visit, even if your physician recommends them. Many providers will include this information on their websites. For instance, you can learn more about our chiropractor, Dr. Richard Feher, on our About page.

With a background in athletic training and car accident injury recovery. Dr. Feher holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic West and has treated thousands of patients throughout his esteemed career.

Make sure the chiropractor you choose has academic and professional experience in this field. If you can’t find the information you need online, you can reach out to the office to ask.

5. Learn What to Expect

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a chiropractor is how your visit will go. While each practitioner will have their own approach, most standard visits tend to include the same steps.

When you meet with your chiropractor for the first time, they’ll discuss any pain or symptoms you’re experiencing. They’ll also review your medical history and learn more about the outcome you seek.

They may perform an exam to develop a more thorough diagnosis. Sometimes, this exam may include lab testing or diagnostic imaging, such as an X-ray or MRI. Once the chiropractor has a clear picture of your diagnosis, they’ll develop a custom treatment plan to improve your comfort and quality of life.

This plan may include multiple routine visits until you reach the desired outcome. In addition, your provider may also share advice to help you treat your condition at home, including diet, lifestyle, and exercise modifications.

6. Reach Out With Questions

Finally, it’s also essential to make sure you feel comfortable communicating with your chiropractor, as well as the team members who work in their office. You’ll be sharing information about your health and history with this provider, so there should be a baseline of mutual respect and consideration.

One way to test this dynamic is to reach out to the practice with any questions you might have. Check to see how they respond to your inquiries and the way you feel during the conversation. If the initial interaction is successful, that’s a good sign that your other meetings will be, too.

Need a Local Chiropractor?

If you live in southwest Las Vegas, Blue Diamond Integrative Care Clinic would love to become your trusted local chiropractor. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, we also offer other types of treatments, such as EMS muscle stimulation therapy, massage therapy, and more.

If you’re experiencing pain after a car accident or injury, we can integrate chiropractic services, massage therapy, therapeutic stretches and exercises, and several other treatments to help you heal and keep your symptoms at bay.

To ask questions or schedule a service, reach out to our office. You can also send us a message online to learn more!

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