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7 Questions to Ask Before Your First Chiropractor Appointment

Over 35 million people in the United States choose to visit a chiropractor every year. These clinicians’ expertise is obvious, and they have helped many people with issues related to their joints. So, are you looking for a chiropractor appointment near you any time soon, and have you prepared for what you might need to know?

Well, aside from searching for “Where can I find a chiropractor near me,” you might have several more queries. Below, we have listed some of the most important ones you should be asking. By running through these when you visit the chiropractor, you should get a good idea of their ability to help.

1. Are you Qualified?

At the very least, you will want to check that the people who work on your body have the correct qualifications to do so. Becoming a chiropractor takes at least three years of study, at which point the specialist must pass a chiropractic exam. They can then secure an appropriate license to practice in your state.

Asking to check these qualifications is sensible to make sure you are receiving high-quality treatment. You can then assume they have studied the latest information on chiropractic work to keep them up to date.

Many clinics will have this info available on their website, listing each doctor and their qualifications. Here you will be able to find out not only the details of their degree but also what their specializations or backgrounds are.

2. Will This Help My Symptoms?

There are many things you can treat with chiropractic care. It can relieve many bodily issues, no matter if the problem is new or has become advanced. Although, you are more likely to avoid issues from getting worse if you begin your chiropractic treatments earlier on.

Issues you can treat with chiropractic care include:

Join paint. This is mostly in the neck, back, or knees. Although, other pains throughout the body can receive treatment.

Headaches. If you get migraines or tension headaches, you may receive benefits from chiropractic treatment. This is because it can often solve alignment issues that might lead to these pains, though if you have a slipped disc, you should talk to your doctor first.

Muscle stiffness. Chiropractic treatment helps to stretch the muscles you use in many different ways. This can help to overcome the stiffness felt in these areas of the body.

3. Do You Offer Other Therapies?

Many clinicians who perform chiropractic care offer several other treatments. You can receive these on your own or as a part of a larger treatment course, including chiropractic. Examples of the kinds of things you might also find include:

· Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization using the Graston technique

· Kinesiotape application

· Muscle stimulation therapy (EMS)

· Massage therapy

· Myofascial release technique (MRT)

· Stretch and exercise therapy

· Ultrasound therapy

You should speak with your therapist to discover which of these would suit your issues the best. It may be none of them are relevant, or several working together could help alleviate many of the issues you have.

4. Do You Offer Free Consultations

Most chiropractors are happy to offer a short consultation. This can bring you up to speed and help you understand the nature of what the practice entails. They can also go over your specific needs to see if the treatment will work for you.

If you have any specific questions, you can save yourself time by ringing ahead. The specialists working in the clinic are likely to be able to answer many of the earlier questions you have about the process.

5. How Many Appointments Will I Need?

While you might not have trouble getting to and from a local chiropractor, it is still useful to know how many times you might need to attend.

No chiropractor can promise to resolve all your issues in a single visit. The first time you see them may only be to assess the extent of your injuries and work out a treatment solution that suits you.

Some issues only take a few treatments, although others might mean you need to return on an ongoing basis. It is best that you ask your chiropractor for more information on how long they expect to need you to visit. The answer will depend on how severe your issues are and how simple the solution is.

6. What Techniques Do You Use?

There are many different techniques a chiropractor may use in their treatment of a patient. Your chiropractor will be able to discuss them in more detail. A few of the many examples of treatments they may choose to use are as follows:

Spinal manipulation. Chiropractors use this therapy to relieve pressure on the joints in the spine. This can reduce inflammation and attempt to improve the nerves in the spine.

This method uses gentle thrusts to mobilize the spine and stretch it through its full range of motion.

Drop-table. Using a special table, the patient receives pressure on an area as the body drops less than an inch. This combination of actions feels like a small vibration but can have a large effect on the body.

Spinal decompression. While the patient is held in place, their body is slowly moved to stretch the spine. This improves the flow of bodily fluids around the area of the back that is in pain.

7. How Much Will This Cost?

Before you go for chiropractic care, you should discuss the option with your insurance provider. Many of them can cover these costs for a limited time.

If you are planning to pay for the care yourself, you should instead have a conversation with the chiropractor. You can then discuss your options to get the best deal possible.

Book Your Next Chiropractor Appointment

Asking the above before a chiropractic appointment will ensure you get the best chiropractor possible. Still, you will want to know you have booked a highly qualified individual for your chiropractor appointment. If this is the case, you will want to get in contact with us.

Our qualified practitioners will be able to talk to you about your body’s issues and what they can do for you. You only need to call us up, and we can put you in contact today.

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